I met Joyce and Jordan just over a year ago and knew it was a wedding I had to do.  With two ceremonies to complete in a day the devil was going to be in the detail.  Luckily Joyce is a human dynamo who, like me, loves a schedule!

We started bright and early at her parents house bursting with love, relatives and friends who had travelled from all over the world to be here for this special day.  Once dressed in a beautiful hand stitched gown from Hong Kong the ceremonies could start. First up an emotionally charged hair combing marking Joyce's transition to married life and that of adulthood.

Tears dried we moved on to the fun and games. Joyce hid upstairs whilst her bridesmaids made Jordan and his groomsmen perform a list of tasks including; Chinese Whispers and Mr & Mrs type questions; could Jordan say I love you in Cantonese? What is Joyce's favourite part of Jordan? and of course there were forfeits - chilli dipped sushi anyone?!

Having finally convinced the bridesmaids to let him enter the house it was time for tea with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

A quick hair, makeup and dress change into a beautiful Zac Posen number and it was off to Shustoke barns for the wedding ceremony - and it was still not midday!  Plenty time left for a gorgeous ceremony, fabulous food, beautiful speeches in not one, but two languages and a little wander in the fields before boogeying the night away.

Ahhh what a wonderful day - no wonder my couples always say; 'can we do it all again next week'?

- Dress: Zac Posen at David's Bridal
- Red outfit: Koon Nam Wah from Koon Nam Wah & Co, Hong Kong
- Make up: Rebecca Frances

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Jennifer Wadhams
November 2, 2017, 10:16 am
Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe how fantastic your photos are. I love your gift for capturing the emotion of the moments throughout a wedding. I am really looking forward to hiring you to take some family photos when my parents next come to visit.
November 3, 2017, 9:08 am
thank you so much Jenn. Can't wait to photograph your gorgeous parents x
Brandon Gregory
July 11, 2019, 1:56 am
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